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Excellence, Talent, Belief, Flexibility and Loyalty is what we believe in.

Who We Are

At BlauIT we stand for excellent customer experience as well as quality in everything we do.

We are a team of passionate and dedicated experts that empower our customers to focus on their core business while we offer our expertise to support, develop, test and manage their infrastructure and IT products.

As technology evolves fast we do to. We like to keep the pace with the latest technologies in order to fit our customer’s needs.

We think that communication is the key which enables perfect customer experience so our services are provided in multiple languages in order to ensure a perfect collaboration with our customers
By following our primary values: excellence, talent, belief, flexibility and loyalty we ensure a perfect collaboration based on trust and respect.

Here at BlauIT we find that simplicity and quality go hand in hand and we like to keep it simple by solving issues and consulting in an elegant manner so that our customers understand the provided solutions and are able to implement them without any additional headaches.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable individuals and businesses throughout the world to reach their full potential by focusing on their core business while we focus on their environment and technical difficulties. This way, each aspect of the business is being handled by a professional and can function at full efficiency. We consider our mission a long time commitment to our customers.

Our Vision

Romania is the country which gave birth to the most talented technology professionals.
Our Vision is to be the home of the most talented technology professionals and thus a strategic partner for companies across the globe. We act with passion and expertise to serve our customers.

Our Values


We put all our efforts to deliver excellent & qualitative results. We consider quality a defining factor for a healthy business with happy customers.


We believe in native talent and we are constantly working on talent attraction, engagement and retention.


We believe in the unique contribution of each individual in our diverse team.


We move quick and easy, left to right and even upside down. We make sure that we fit your needs.


We define loyalty as our basic moral principle. Our principles allow us to faithfully adhere to our customers and employees.

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