How to keep employees happy and raise productivity at the same time


A good relationship with your employees can go a long way. When there is trust and communication, there is productivity and quality.

Let them tell you exactly what is going good and what not. Sometimes you can loose the overview on the daily activities of your team.

Freedom of speech

Encouraging freedom of speech will enable the best relationships within the team. Every single employee will feel valued because every opinion matters. In a team of individuals we exepect to have different personalities and different views which helps getting a better vision on problems or challenges.

Employees feel at ease in an environment where they can speak openly with their leaders and feel like there is nothing to hide.

Clear career paths

Working with a large group of people helps you have a clear vision on what exactly your employees excel at and what they strive to achieve with their careers. It is vital to have periodic discussions and for a change ask your employee what exactly is that they want to achieve in the future and what they need from you in order to get to that point. Together you can decide what are next steps for achieving the goal.

Showing you care

In order to keep up the productivity and quality you need to also focus on the internal work-life balance. Overworking and overheating your employees will significantly decrease quality and performance.

Organise small coffee breaks with snaks and beverages, you need to care about the physical and mental health of your employees. If possible set up a recreational area for them, where they can relax while on break and also interract with each other. This helps getting rid of stress but also creates stronger bonds within the team.


Yes, money matters but certainly it’s not the most important or vital thing.

Sometimes a pat on the shoulder, a public announcement or a employee of the month title can go a longer way and can be valued more.

It is clear that everybody works and does their best, because if they weren’t you would clearly notice off the bat.


Letting big bonuses aside, a lot of employees appreciate benefits as healthcare, gym memberships, discunts for certain shops and others. Try to create a package of benefits that beat your competitors, not by offering necessarly bigger salaries but by improving the life quality of your employee.

Let them know they matter

At each milestone and achievement, take your time to let your employees know that they are the reason you succeed. Regognise the hard work they have delivered, let them know that all of it would have been impossible without the imput of each and every one of them.

Together, these create the recipe to success, productivity and good atmosphere in general at the office.

Dont’t forget to do everything with passion and dedication, there is no failure within them.

“I think the foremost quality – there’s no success without it – is really loving what you do. If you love it, you do it well, and there’s no success if you don’t do well what you’re working at.”

Malcolm Forbes

Inspired by BlauIT’s core values